About Us

Kangen Wellness Centres offers clients an opportunity improve the overall quality of their health, naturally and holistically.   

We offer medical grade products that are scientifically proven to assist in tuning up the entire body structure, reduce pain, and detoxify your internal environment.

We have combined three leading healthcare brands:


CERAGEM Automated Thermal Massage Beds

Align your body structure to alleviate tension, reduce pain, Increase energy and tune up your fundamental body systems (spine, muscles, and circulatory systems)


KANGEN WATER (Electrolysed Reduced Water)

Hydrates and detoxifies you on a cellular level like you’ve never felt before.



Increases blood circulation, oxygen levels and white blood, collagen and helps to rid your body of toxins.


In store, we promote education and experience through free trials of our products for our clients to test out and learn so that our clients feel confident in their purchase. 

Family owned and operated since 2002, Ceragem Kangen Wellness has 3 locations to serve the community.